V-Ray for 3ds Max Essentials Course

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Course introduction: 3DS Max with V-ray rendering is the state of the art tool for architectural visualization with photo-realistic images and an amazing rendering speed. We offer future-centric training for this state of the art program.

This beginner to Advanced-level course has been designed to help you to kick-start your career in 3D architectural simulation design with confidence.

Course target group: architects, product designers, interior / exterior designers, real estate agents.

Course will be lead by V-Ray licensed instructor and certified professional Imantas Maciukevičius, CGI Technology Generalist and Instructor, STUDIO KIBITZ Co-Founder. Course will be held in English.

Course length: 2 days 09:15 – 16:15

Location: AruCAD Süsteemid OÜ training class, Lõõtsa 4 II floor, Tallinn

Price: 450€+ VAT
Price includes: coffee breaks, lunch, course materials

Read about software:

V-Ray for 3ds Max


Autodesk 3ds Max


Course length: 16 academic hours, 2 days 9:15 – 16:15

Training agenda:

Day 1:

  • 2 ways to render: Brute Force / Irradiance Map
  • V-Ray Sun and V-Ray Physical Camera
  • How V-Ray Light works
  • V-Ray Frame Buffer
  • How V-Ray IES works
  • Start creating V-Ray Materials
  • How to light with HDRls
  • Understand Color Mapping
  • Shiny and opaque reflections / Fresnel concept
  • DOF – Depht of field
  • Use HDRI to create nice reflections on small objects
  • Photoshop filters to create amazing bump maps
  • SpotLights and VRaylights for complex light balance
  • How to create/model a photorealistic 3D model
  • How to create an interior light hiearchy mixing IES and VRayLights
  • VRayLight material
  • Create a light balance for exterios, using V-Ray Real Time (RT)
  • Fresnel IOR to create photorealistic glass / exterios

Day 2:

  • Use the Render Elements VRayLightSelect / VRayExtratex (sky replacement)
  • Realistic natural light
  • Use VRay Reflections, night effect
  • VRayFur to easily create amazing grass
  • IBL, how to use HDRI maps with a VRay Dome
  • Unwrap modifier to map different surfaces
  • Complex materials using reflection/Glossy maps
  • VRay camera, Lights and spaces for lighintg schemes
  • Exterior
  • VraySphere Light and IES in Scene
  • How to organize the primary lighting, creating separated areas
  • Keeping all well organized
  • Prepare the necessary Render Elements for the final step


450€ +km

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